The Pizza Company: Thailand’s Number One Pizza Restaurant Serves Great Food

The Pizza Company Thailand Bangkok


The Pizza Company is Thailand’s number one pizza restaurant

I don’t eat pizza in Bangkok that often but, if I do, I tend to go to The Pizza Company, Thailand’s number one pizza restaurant. Not only is the pizza they serve pretty decent, but prices are reasonable and as they also serve all-you-can-drink refills of many of their drinks, it’s more like eating in an American restaurant than Thai. The interesting thing, though, is The Pizza Company is actually a Thai company and not American at all.

History of The Pizza Company in Thailand

The Thai company that owns The Pizza Company in Thailand apparently started out as franchise owners of Pizza Hut restaurants in the kingdom. But, after they had their agreement terminated by Pizza Hut America, they decided to open their own brand of pizza restaurants instead. Lucky they did, as they are now the number one pizza franchise in Thailand and, to me, they serve much better pizza than Pizza Hut.

Food at The Pizza Company in Thailand

The menu at The Pizza Company in Thailand, of course, concentrates on pizza.

There is, however, a pretty decent appetizer menu that includes French fries, onion rings, garlic bread (delicious!), breaded calamari with crab meat, salad, chicken wings, bread sticks with cheese dipping sauce, Italian cheese rolls and bacon twists. Over the years I’ve been in Bangkok I’ve eaten most of them, and the only one I’m not a particular fan of are the onion rings — they’re just too bland.

As for the pizzas at The Pizza Company, you first start by choosing the type of crust you want — thick, thin, stuffed with cheese or sausages — and then you add the toppings. One nice thing too is you can choose half-and-half pizza, so I usually end up with something like half a pepperoni pizza and half a chicken caldo (chicken, bell peppers and pineapple).

Pizza varieties include pork deluxe, ham and mushroom, tom yam gung (well, we are in Thailand), Canadian bacon, veggie, meat deluxe, shrimp cocktail and a slew of other varieties besides. You can also build your own pizza, if you prefer to do that.

The Pizza Company Italian Dishes

The Pizza Company doesn’t just serve pizza, of course. They also offer various pasta and spaghetti dishes, lasagna, fried chicken, and various salads if you don’t want the calories that come with pizza or pasta.

Ice Cream at The Pizza Company

Of course, you can’t leave The Pizza Company without trying some of their ice cream, which consists of Swensen’s or Dairy Queen (the same company that owns The Pizza Company also owns the franchises in Thailand for Swensen’s and Dairy Queen).

I’ve only had ice cream at The Pizza Company a couple of times as I’m usually so full of garlic bread and pizza, there’s just no room. But, if you do like ice cream, you’ll enjoy theirs.

Prices at The Pizza Company

Price-wise, The Pizza Company is reasonable. I ate there with a friend last night (which was what reminded me to write this article), as it’s my birthday this week and she wanted to take me out for dinner.

We shared an order of garlic bread, a large pizza (pepperoni and chicken caldo) and had Pepsi and lemon iced tea for drinks. Including tip, it was just 500 baht or $16.10. Well worth it as the food was excellent and the service was perfect.

By the way, if you’re too lazy to head out, The Pizza Company does deliver in most places in Thailand (there are hundreds of The Pizza Company restaurants in Thailand, so you’ll find them everywhere). You can call them to place your order or just do it online — you should get delivery in less than 30 minutes.