UFC HomeSoy: Thailand’s Organic Non-GMO Soy Milk is Delicious



I’ve recently begun to eat vegan. That means no animal products whatsoever, including dairy products. Soy milk, of course, is a way to get protein without eating or drinking dairy and one of my favorite soy milks, HomeSoy, is a delicious way to do it. In fact, while Thailand has many soy milks available, HomeSoy has quickly become the one I buy the most if I want soy milk to use with coffee. Why? Because HomeSoy is a certified organic non-GMO soy milk and, yes, it tastes great in coffee.

HomeSoy in Thailand is actually manufactured at a Malaysian company called Lam Soon and then imported into Thailand. They produce a delicious organic non-GMO soy milk that is made up of 92.8 percent soy milk and 7.2 percent organic cane sugar. That’s it. There’s nothing else in there. No preservatives and no pesticides. It’s also certified to EU NOP organic standards, which I like.

There is also no need to trek to a specialty health food store to pick up HomeSoy. In fact, you can buy HomeSoy at many supermarkets all over Thailand. I bought my latest batches at Tesco Lotus and TOPS, and both sell the boxes and the small single-serving 300 ml bottles.

Do be aware, however, from all the research I have done it seems that, although HomeSoy is a great choice as an organic non-GMO soy milk, it does not contain any calcium (Lam Soon does not add it, for some bizarre reason?), so if you’re wanting calcium as well as protein, HomeSoy is probably not a good choice for you. (I make sure I drink HomeSoy along with rice milk and other soy milk brands that do have calcium — so I get the calcium as well as the protein).