Video Tour of Yaowarat – Check It Out Before You Visit

Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, is a popular tourist attraction for millions of tourists every year. Whether from outside the country or from right here in Thailand, visitors flock to Yaowarat for some of the best seafood in the city, the cheapest shopping, the most gold shops and all available in an incredibly exotic atmosphere.

If you are planning a trip to Bangkok and want to experience the city’s Chinatown, Tenface, a Thai boutique hotel, has a wonderful video tour of Yaowarat currently online (watch it below).

In the video, not only does the presenter give you a great tour of Yaowarat, but they also compare Bangkok’s Chinatown with Chinatowns in other parts of the world. Perfect if you have been to other Chinatowns, as you will see quickly how much different Bangkok’s actually is.

Watch the video tour of Yaowarat, then book your trip to Thailand or, if you are already here, get on a bus, boat or in a taxi and go there. It is well worth a visit.

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