Wall’s Ice Cream: Thailand’s Number 1 Brand – Best Inexpensive Ice Cream

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Walls ice cream is Thailand’s number 1 brand

Although you may think a Thai brand like Iberry ice cream is Thailand’s most popular ice cream, in fact Wall’s ice cream is Thailand’s number one brand, Not surprising really, as you can buy Wall’s ice cream at just about every supermarket, 7-11 store and mom and pop store in Thailand. Wall’s even has mobile propelled-by-a-bicycle carts that trundle through Bangkok streets every day. There’s even one that comes up my tiny soi several times a week.

When I moved to Thailand 10 years ago, I was surprised and thrilled to see Wall’s ice cream being sold here, as I grew up eating it as a kid in England. Now, 10 years later, although I don’t eat ice cream that often (the interminable need to lose weight, you know), if I’m buying a tub of ice-cream at a supermarket or an ice-cream treat at my local 7-11, I’ll almost always choose Wall’s.

Flavors of Wall’s ice cream in Thailand

Wall’s ice-cream in Thailand has many flavors, as well as a whole slew of products to choose from. My favorites, of course, are the Wall’s Cornetto cones you can pick up at every 7-11, with flavors ranging from blueberry to chocolate, and fudge brownie to green tea or strawberry. They even sell Cornetto Minis, if you just want a small snack.

You can also buy the Mangnum ice cream covered with chocolate on a stick and, for the kids, loads of ice lollies on sticks and in tubes. Delicious, all of them.

As for tubs of Wall’s ice cream, along with the usual chocolate chip, vanilla, coconut, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, and mango flavors, they also sell an excellent product called Wall’s Dreamy Creamy. That comes in flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Prices of Wall’s ice cream

Prices of Wall’s ice cream in Thailand are ridiculously cheap as well. Ice lollies go for as cheap as 10 baht (33 cents) depending on what you buy, and even a Cornetto is only 20 baht (66 cents) at my local 7-11. You can buy a tub of ice cream (approximately a liter) at most Thai supermarkets for around 70 baht ($2.65), and they come in 20-30 flavors.

Love eating ice cream in Thailand and haven’t tried Wall’s? You’re missing a treat.