We Love Lactasoy: Thailand’s Best Soy Milk


Lactasoy soy milk is one of our favorite drinks. We buy around thirty 125ml boxes of Lactasoy soy milk in the original formula, the Lactasoy light plus collagen, or the chocolate favored Lactasoy soy milk every week, and drink it all. In fact, if we weren’t watching calories, we’d drink a lot more of it too, as we truly think it’s Thailand’s best soy milk.

At 10 baht (33 cents) for a 250 ml box (and as their advertising says, it’s been 10 baht for 10 years) or 5 baht (16 cents) for a 125ml box,  it’s one of the best values for money on the beverage market today. Plus, it’s healthy.

If you haven’t tried Lactasoy soy milk in Thailand, you really should try it. It’s a more satisfying taste than rival brands in Thailand we think, as it’s sweeter (although the sugar content is low), is a little thicker, and doesn’t have the bitter taste of some other Thai brands of soy milk.

The company also doesn’t use geneticaly-modified soy beans, which many companies in the US now use. We’d stop buying it if they did.

Lactasoy is also available just about everywhere — supermarkets, mom and pop shops, 7-11s. We grab a couple of six packs every time we go to our local 7-11.