25 Best Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand (Video)

wat phra kaew bangkok

 25 best things to do in Bangkok: an excellent video for first-time visitors

25 Best Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand is a video that has been put together by Thailand website owner, Mark Wiens.

His two extremely popular websites, Migrationology and Eating Thai Food are informative places to find some of the best information about Thailand and Thai food.

That is why, when I saw his 25 Best Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand video, not only did I watch it myself just to make sure I hadn’t missed anywhere, but I wanted to share it with my readers as well – particularly those of you who might be first-time visitors to Bangkok.

Some of the 25 best things to do in Bangkok

In his video, Wiens recommends visitors to Thailand head to places like Chatuchak Weekend Market, Pratunam Market, Wat Phra Kaew, Mahboonkrong (MBK) shopping mall, Wat Saket and Dusit Zoo.

While, like probably everyone else who lives in Bangkok, I would add a few places to his list, the things he has chosen to put on it really are excellent.

They give you a good overview of what Bangkok is like, they allow you to see a huge part of the city, and some places give you an excellent insight into Thai culture and what it is like being a Thai.

In fact, if you are a first-time traveler to Bangkok, you really couldn’t find many better videos to watch.

What is great about it too is he even gives you an idea of the costs of foods, admission fees and prices. A must for anyone planning their budget for a Thailand trip.

Check out the video below, and do look at Wiens’ websites as well. He even has an e-book he is selling for the very reasonable price of only $3.99, and it is a wonderful companion for any trip to Bangkok.

Plus, if you plan on branching out from Bangkok as well, don’t miss reading our top five best places to visit in Thailand.