Best must do things in Trat, Thailand — tree pod dining, bicycle renting and nature conservation

Klong Prao Beach, Trat

Trat is Thailand’s eastern most province.

Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Trat has seven districts, is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water, its many islands (52 in total) and its relaxing lifestyle.

No wonder it is becoming one of the top destinations in Thailand for people who love a little bit of tranquility.

If you have not visited Trat yet, or are even going for a second or third visit but have not seen everything the province has to offer, these seven must do things in Trat are really worth doing.

Dine on the Tree (Tree Pod Dining in Trat)

One of the most amazing experiences you will ever have is to dine in a tree pod at the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort on Koh Kood.

The pods are built in the style of a bird’s nest, and are on pulleys. That means you can climb into the tree pod on the ground level and then be pulled up into the top of the tree, thus being able to dine from tree top level with a gorgeous view out over the rainforest and the Gulf of Thailand.

Your meal will be served by a waiter that will travel to your tree pod with the food in stacked bamboo baskets, while transporting himself and your meal on a zipline.

Here comes your waiter on a zipline

Nature Conservation in Trat

There are several nature conservation activities you can do in Trat, if you are willing to do a little research before you go, one of which is coral transplanting. Especially as the area’s coral reefs are being damaged by pollution, plastic waste, human activity and storms.

You do have to have a local guide with you if you want to do some coral transplanting of your own but, if you contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand, they will usually be able to set you up with someone in the area.

Photo – Dennis Wong, Creative Commons

A Trat Spa Visit

Many of the more upscale hotel resorts in Trat have spas, and these are wonderful places to go if you want to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself.

You can experience Oriental massages, Thai herbal baths, warm oils, facial treatments and more. Spa therapists at these resorts are some of the most highly trained in Thailand, and will give you a spa experience you will not forget.

Rent a Bike and See One of Trat’s Amazing Islands Up Close

Another of the must do things in Trat is to rent a bicycle.

The larger islands in Trat have bicycle rental services where you can rent a bike, and then cycle around the island to really see everything up close.

Many of the larger resorts rent bicycles, and some local businesses have set up shop there as well. You can usually rent a bicycle by the hour or by the day, depending on how much you would like to see and how fit you think you are.

Take a Public Boat or Rent a Private Boat to See the Islands

There are 52 islands in Trat and, while you are not likely to see all of them in one visit, you can see quite a few if you take a public boat trip or you rent a private boat.

With a public boat, you will obviously be taken to the most popular islands, and this does mean it can get quite crowded. With a private boat, however, you will be able to go to the islands you want to see, and can even time your trip so you do not arrive when everyone else does.

Take a Local Maad Boat

Another of the cool must do things in Trat, Thailand is to take a local maad boat.

At Salak Khok Village on the island of Koh Chang, you can rent a traditional Thai boat — a maad boat or, in Thai, ruer maad — and a boatman.

The boatman will take you through narrow canals and passages of water, with mango forests on either side, and will row you all through the area while standing at the back of the boat and rowing with two long oars.

Learn a Thai Craft Like Palm Hat Weaving

There are several places in Trat where you can learn one of the many traditional Thai crafts that are typical of the area.

One of these crafts is palm hat weaving — a way to make a large hat from palm fronds that, once dried and lacquered, will protect your head and much of your body from the harmful rays of the sun. Locals use these palm hats when planting rice and other crops, and when fishing or out on the water in boats.

Altogether, it takes around four hours to make a hat.

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