September 17th Thailand Covid cases increase again with 14,555 more infections

Every few days, as Covid cases in Thailand go down, Thai authorities announce the Covid pandemic is weakening.

A few days later, Covid cases in Thailand increase again, as is the case today, September 17th, with 14,555 more Covid infections reported — an increase of 658 cases over the previous day’s numbers.

On September 17th, 2021, the latest Covid-19 cases in Thailand also included 171 more deaths, taking the total number of deaths since just April this year to 15,124.

The Thai Public Health Ministry announced today 13,765 cases were in the general population of the country, with an additional 790 reported in Thailand’s crowded prison system.

The one piece of good news about Thailand’s increasing Covid cases, however, is that today’s daily total is still far removed from the country’s record number of infections.

That was recorded on August 13th, when 23,418 people tested positive for the corona virus.

Meanwhile, the vacation destination of Phuket is still struggling to keep Covid-19 under control, with an additional 238 new cases on the small Thai island reported today, and 5 more deaths.

Krabi province is also in a partial lockdown until September 24th, as authorities there worry about current and potential new cases, while Koh Phi Phi is closed to most visitors for the same period.