Chatuchak Weekend Market (Video) – Want to See What J.J. Has To Offer?


One of my recent discoveries is a short series of Bangkok videos by Tenface, a boutique hotel in Bangkok.  This one  in the series, a video on Chatuchak Weekend Market (also known as J.J), is excellent – one of the best I’ve ever seen on J.J.

The Thai presenter is great, she speaks almost perfect English, and she has such an upbeat and happy personality – it really makes you want to rush out and shop at J.J. Plus, the music they use is cool.

If you’ll be in Bangkok, don’t miss visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market though. It’s the best place in Bangkok for cheap shopping and, although absolutely crowded, well worth the time spent there.

Just note, the presenter on Tenface is slightly wrong when she mentions there are “8,000 stalls”. Most Chatuchak experts will tell you it’s closer to between 13,000 and 15,000 so, yes, it’s big.