Thai Airways cancels flights from Bangkok to Europe due to Pakistan India conflict (video)

Thai Airways cancels flights from Bangkok to Europe

If you are currently in Thailand and have a flight booked to Europe on Thai Airways in the next few days, you may want to postpone that flight and spend a few more days in Thailand.

This after the latest Pakistan India conflict caused most flights from Thailand to Europe on Thai Airways to be canceled on Thursday.

Chaos at Suvarnabhumi Airport erupted as Thai Airways flights that would normally be flying from Bangkok to Europe over Pakistan or India airspace were canceled, due to Pakistan and northern India shutting down their airspace.

Airlines also worried about possible missile attacks between the two countries.

Other airlines besides Thai did not seem to be as impacted, however, as they obviously had crisis management plans already in effect.

That meant they were able to divert most flights onto other flight paths.

Airlines such as Lufthansa and United were warning, however, that flights would have a longer duration due to different flight paths than as originally scheduled.

Thai Airways held an emergency meeting earlier in the day to see how flights to Europe could be diverted, so that they could at least get some flights off the ground.

The solution the airline has come up with is to divert Thai Airways flights to Europe over Chinese airspace.

Flights to Lahore, Pakistan, however, are still canceled.

According to the Bangkok Post, day flights now scheduled on Thai Airways are TG974 to Moscow, TG916 to London, TG922 to Frankfurt, and TG962 to Stockholm.

Night flights are also resuming and these will include flights scheduled to depart on Friday.

These are TG920 to Frankfurt, TG910 to London, TG924 to Munich, TG930 to Paris, TG934 to Brussels, TG944 to Milan, TG936 to Vienna, TG960 to Stockholm, TG970 to Zurich, TG950 to Copenhagen, and TG954 to Oslo.

As far as flights from Europe to Thailand on Thai Airways, however, these still seem to be canceled, with the emphasis being placed on getting travelers already in Thailand on to their scheduled destinations.

The latest Pakistan India conflict occurred after India said on Tuesday that it had killed hundreds of militants in a camp inside Pakistan. Pakistan responded by shooting down an Indian MiG-21 aircraft, and capturing its pilot.

The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan made the situation even worse by going on national TV and warning of a possible nuclear war.

As long as this crisis continues, if you have booked flights out of Bangkok to Europe, it is recommended you check with the airline before heading to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

After all, you will be more comfortable in a hotel room than stuck at Suvarnabhumi Airport if your flight has been canceled.