Thai Couples Try to Break Record for World’s Longest Continuous Kiss (Video)

worlds longest continuous kiss 2013


Couples in Thailand this week have been competing to try to break the world record for the world’s longest continuous kiss. While that might sound like something that would be easy to do, it’s really not as the world record for the world’s longest continuous kiss currently stands at 50 hours, 25 minutes and 1 second.

That record, by the way, is currently held by a Thai couple so you can’t say Thais aren’t good kissers.

But nine Thai couples decided they were up for the challenge again this year, including Suwanna Yomjinda and her husband Pannajet, who were the oldest couple there at 72 and 74 years old.

The competition began in Pattaya this morning and will go on until the last couple is left standing. That may be on Valentine’s Day or it may be longer. It depends on how long the last couple can stay awake and with their mouths still locked together.

Rather them than me, that’s all I can say.